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Hi! Welcome to my Music!


I have always been a sucker for great music, whether it be EDM, Bollywood or Western Classical! Music has always given me calm and peace when I need a break from my busy life! It has always been a pleasure to share songs and melodies that I love with people around me. One of my biggest goals in life has also been to create music that fuses Indian classical with modern electronic beats and synthesisers.


Here are some collections of great music I've curated and created over the course of my musical journey. Hope you have a great time listening!

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Each playlist was curated with a specific theme in mind to create a seamless listening experience. So even when played on Shuffle, you wouldn't find the need to skip any music!

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Selection Bias

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Great party songs that helped me through the Pandemic

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Chill Pill

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Sit back, relax and vibe to chill bass and beats


My Auxy Creations


Starting off with a mobile app called Auxy, I created many songs without diving too deep into complicated and time-consuming professional Digital Audio Workstations.

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“Without music, life would be a mistake”

Friedrich Nietzsche

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